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Wow, porting the venerable Go-Plett to a wiki took a lot longer than I'd hoped it would. But at last it's done. 
Updating will no longer be the tedious business of the past (ala text editors and FTP clients) Hopefully there'll be some people in Plett with the desire to add updates and so on, and they shall duly receive 'sysop' and possibly 'bureaucrat' priviledges. 
Was way too lazy to do anything with the skin, but that might happen in the future. Maybe... 
Updated to 1.5.3 - Simon, uploading of pdf's and zip's is now supported. 
Updated to 1.5.7 - Simon, please test (although i'm getting better at this... ;-) 

Now isn't this something... I'm adding this using my phone! Simon, sorry that i haven't gotten sound to updating the site yet. But don't worry, it's in the works. Right, off to supper...