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Fast Help To Get You From Point A To Point B

Dial-A-Direction is a direction service that will direct any cell phone user to find their destination via a sms (in most preferred international languages) or from a consultant – anywhere – anytime – in South Africa.

  • Dial-A-Direction has been awarded the patent for this service
  • 24 x 7 x 365 peace of mind.
  • Fast, painless and efficient.
  • Customer can choose between receiving SMS and voice direction or opt for both
  • Proven 24-hour call centre.
  • Easy number to remember.
  • Cost effective, making it available to every man on the street with no expensive phones, start-up packs etc. required.
  • Accuracy – many GPS systems currently installed in luxury model cars provide only limited coverage in this country. Dial-A-Direction will supply accurate information for anywhere in the country.
  • Safest route avoiding dangerous areas are sent to the caller.
  • For all tourists, reps or the general public visiting another city or town.

How It Works

  • Dial-A-Direction is a telephonic helpline developed to assist customers in finding their desired destination from, and to any location in South Africa regardless of which network one is with. This includes international phones.
  • Dial-A-Direction was established in January 2004 and is currently operating successfully throughout the country and its customer base is growing substantially daily.
  • The directions supplied by the Dial-A-Direction call centre are accurate, easy to understood, and can be stored in the mobile phone’s inbox for daily itinerary.
  • A customer needs to purchase or be in possession of a Dial-A-Direction coded scratch card. When requiring specific directions he/she may place a call by cell phone or landline to a call centre, quoting present location, desired destination, card code number and cell phone or landline number. The call centre operators (24hrs) obtain specific directions, which are then passed on to the customer by SMS, to their mobile phone number, or to their landline.
  • Everyone in this day and age, both domestically and internationally, is familiar with the scratch card system. Dial-A-Direction is simple and friendly to use, yet thoroughly functional.


Dail a Direction